Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hello, and welcome to PFL...

Hello, and welcome to Plastic Fantastic Lover the site for HOLGA 120 cameras, the people that use them and how they can use them better! My name is Grizz and I will be your guide to better picture taking with the "crappy" camera you have chosen to shoot your prize-winning photography with. I have been shooting with the HOLGA CAMERA SYSTEM for about 2 years now and am proficient in 120, 220 and 35mm photography with the standard HOLGA 120 camera. I work for a local L.A. camera store in Westwood and process and print the shots I take. So, check back in a few days and you will see my Photo Gallery on this blog. Also, I am planning a seminar/gallery showing of various Plastic Fantastic Lovers out there and I will keep you posted on the eventuality of all that!

Keep Shooting!
Embrace The Blur!


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