Friday, March 19, 2010

Welcome back, a year later!

I am totally jazzed about the latest Holga Pinhole cam I picked up at the shop! I have taken some prelim shots down at San Juan Capistrano mission and they are fantastic. It shoots like a Widelux camera at 1/10th the price! Okay, so I will be doing the Holga Mod stuff in the near future. I have been canabalizing some single-use camera parts to come up with a new method of shooting 35mm in a HOLGA 120N camera WITHOUT USING A CHANGING BAG! More on this, later. The whole system will be put to the test next Tuesday as I cruise my way down to Anza Borrego State Desert Park for the wildflowers, my second trip to the place. Coming soon, maybe in mid-April I will also check out the Lancaster Poppy Preserve and the Carizzo Plain... Wildflowers ROCK! I will be posting again in a couple of days... see you all then! GRIZZ

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